I nostri stalloni sono disponibili per monte, con possibilità di invio seme refrigerato e congelato. 


Ch. Vital Way Sherwood 
nato il 7 agosto 2016

Campione Italiano
Giovane Campione di San Marino 
Riproduttore Selezionato ENCI

Rotula 0/0 • Esente da Oculopatie e Cataratta, anche di Carattere Ereditario • DNA Depositato

nato il 29 gennaio 2018 
Riproduttore Selenzionato ENCI
Rotula 0/0 • Esente da Oculopatie e Cataratta, anche di Carattere Ereditario • DNA Depositato

Arsene Lupin
nato il 24 luglio 2019
Tests e deposito DNA a breve


nato il 12 giugno 2020
Ecocardio ok • Rotula ok


Cucciolate per conto di altre persone

L’allevamento amatoriale Of the Wilson's Dynasty offre il servizio di cucciolate, per conto di altre persone, di piccola e media taglia presso la propria struttura in Riardo (CE). L’esperienza maturata, l’amore per i cani e tutta l’attrezzatura occorrente sono al vostro servizio in caso non abbiate tempo o possibilità di seguire una cucciolata dalla nascita fino almeno allo svezzamento.  Per informazioni potete contattarci nei seguenti modi: 

Whatsapp e cellulare +39 336 94 60 91

e-mail : 



Litters on behalf of other people

The Of the Wilson's Dynasty amateur kennel offers the service of small and medium-sized litters, on behalf of other people, at its facility in Riardo (CE).

The experience gained, the love for dogs and all the necessary equipment are at your service in case you do not have time or opportunity to follow a litter from birth to at least weaning. For information you can contact us in the following ways:

Whatsapp or mobile  +39 336 94 60 91

e-mail : 



Of the Wilson's Dynasty was born in July 2018, after seven years of collaboration with my former partner, a long time breeder.
What started out as a game with these cute and sweet French Bulldogs made me decide to invest, not only dedicating a large part of my life to them, but also as the sole financier of the breeding.

During these years, in my structure (garden, terrace, dedicated rooms...), I lived in symbiosis with almost all the dogs of the breeding; in addition, I checked, followed, dressed and cared for them, paying particular attention to the little dogs during the gestation period, birth and the time following it. 

I also took care of the growth of the puppies from birth until it was time to entrust them to their new loving family and the training of the dogs I bring to the show, including the Italian Champion and Young Champion of San Marino Sherwood and Tristan 
both ENCI Selected Reproducers.

Janaury 2018: Francesco and Seanna  with their puppies Abracadabra, Felafel, Miss Nagloo, Carbonara and our own Tristan and Tempura

Humility, the desire to learn and always improve, together with the love for this wonderful breed led me to take the decision to continue this path independently, continuing to keep my dogs with me, with whom I have lived, played, loved and cared for all these years.
Of the Wilson's Dynasty is an amateur breeding, where the French Bouledogues live in heated spaces during the winter period and cool during the summer period, cared for, free from cages, where they can play outdoors every day and are periodically checked by professional veterinarians with experience of breeding and the breed itself. 
All the activity is carried out in a loving family context, also because, for me, they are part of the family. 


The Of the Wilson's Dynasty amateur breeding offers the opportunity for those who wish to choose French Bouledogue puppies that meet the official breed standards set by ENCI/FCI. 
Our puppies are given after having carried out a complete cycle of 4 deworming and 3 vaccines, properly weaned, provided with ENCI/FCI pedigree, microchip, health card, medical certificate of good health and puppy kit; I will also be available for the owners of my puppies throughout their lifetimes, to give advice and suggestions if requested.

I am at your complete disposal to give you all the necessary information about the puppies, the next litters and the availability of stallions. You can contact me using one of the methods indicated on the contact page, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Francesco Sassi


Of the Wilson's Dynasty è un allevamento amatoriale, dove i Bouledogue Francesi vivono in spazi riscaldati durante il periodo invernale e freschi nel periodo estivo, curati, liberi da gabbie, dove possono giocare all’aperto ogni giorno e controllati periodicamente da veterinari professionisti con esperienza di allevamento e della razza stessa. 
Tutta l’attività viene svolta in un contesto familiare affettuoso, anche perché, per me sono parte della famiglia.